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Science Courses


Freshmen                                      Integrated Biological Science                  (Required)

Sophomores                                  Integrated Physical Science                   (Required)

            Environmental Biology with permission based on freshman science performance                    

                               (Option to  take at same time as IPS)                                                     

Juniors and Seniors              (Required to take one science course  in the junior year)         Environmental Biology                                               

                                                    Chemistry                                        (Weighted)

                                                                 Co-requisite:  Algebra II or Higher

                                                    Advanced Physics                              (Weighted)

                                                    Prerequisite:  Algebra II C or Better

                                                    Anatomy & Physiology                        (Weighted)

                                                    Prerequisite:  Above average performance in all previous science classes.

                                                                    It is recommended, but not required, that you takeEnvironmental Biology first.                                                                                                                               

Every student is required to complete three credits in science to graduate.  Each student must complete a science course during the freshman, sophomore, and junior years.  Most colleges and universities require a diverse selection of science courses.  Therefore, we recommend college bound students take at least a biology, chemistry and physics course.  (Anatomy & Physiology is considered a biology course.)  Students who anticipate a science-related career are encouraged to complete all six science credits, including Environmental Biology.  Students may need to take more than one science course at a time.

Integrated Biological Science                                

Grade:  9                                                                Required

Prerequisite:  none                                                    Length:  2 sem, 1 per, 1 credit

This course includes basic concepts of all of the major areas of science:  biology; chemistry; earth and space science; weather and physics.  The course uses activities to build upon students’ interests and everyday experiences.  This class will consist of hands-on activities, inquiry projects, lectures, and presentations.

Integrated Physical Science                                   

Grade:  10                                                              Required

Prerequisite:  Integrated Biological Science                    Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit                                                                                    

This course focuses on the major physical sciences of chemistry, physics, and earth & space.  This course will involve hands-on and minds-on activities, inquiry projects, presentations and some lecture notes.

Environmental Biology                                           

Grade:  10 -12                                                         Elective

Prerequisite:  Approval of instructor                             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

or Integrated Physical Science                                                                                                                

This course is a biology course with an environmental focus.  The course covers continuity, diversity, functioning, and patterns in the biosphere.  This course will include diverse learning opportunities such as laboratory investigations, projects, illustrations, readings and inquiry activities.

Anatomy and Physiology                                        

Grade:  11 & 12                                                       Elective

Prerequisite:   B or higher for other science classes        Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

or instructor’s permission.                                          weighted                                                                        

Anatomy & Physiology is a college preparatory course that studies the fundamental structures and function of the human body.  Students will learn the structures and various functions of the different systems in the human body.  The class consists of lectures, discussions, laboratories, projects and presentations.  The course requires various dissections to enhance student understanding of the course content and parallel the organ systems of the human body.

Advanced Physics                                                  

Grade:  11 & 12                                                       Elective

Prerequisite:  Algebra II or higher level of math             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit


Advanced Physics is a college preparatory course that explores relationships in nature.  Higher level mathematical skills are taught and used on a regular basis.  Specific topics include mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, sound and light.  Laboratories are included whenever possible.  Students may elect to take the Advanced Placement exam for college credit at additional cost.  This course is strongly recommended for any student who intends to pursue a science related career.

L100 Humans and the Biological World (5 sem.  cr. IU East:  Dual Enrollment)

This two-semester course is a lecture and laboratory course designed to offer the non-major an opportunity to examine the fundamental principles of biology. L100 introduces biological organization from molecules through cells and organisms to populations. The emphasis is on processes common to all organisms with special reference to humans. The course also prepares the student for more advanced courses should the decision be made to continue in biology. NOTE: L100 does not fulfill any requirements for the biology major.  Students will take the Indiana University final exam at the end of the academic year. Students taking the course for non-college credit must meet all course requirements.   

Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra II or higher level of math             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, 1 credit

3.00 or higher in science                                            Weighted

C105 Principles of Chemistry I (3 sem cr. Dual Enrollment)

This two-semester chemistry course is lecture based and is taken with C125 Experimental Chemistry. In this course basic principles including stoichiometry, thermochemistry, atomic and molecular structure, gases, solutions, and selected topics in descriptive chemistry will be covered.  Students who take this course should have completed Algebra I and II as well as physical science.  This course will be taken over the course of the Arcanum High School academic year.  Students will take the IndianaUniversity final exam at the end of the academic year.  Students taking the course for non-college credit must meet all course requirements.

Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra II or higher level of math             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, .600 credit

3.00 or higher in science                                            Weighted

C125 Experimental Chemistry I (2 sem. cr. IU East: Dual Enrollment)

This course is a lab to be taken concurrently with C105.  It will include an introduction to laboratory experimentation with emphasis on the collection and use of experimental data, some properties of solutions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, and synthesis. A lab fee is required. This course will be integrated into the C105 course and taken over the entire Arcanum High School academic year. Students taking the course for non-college credit must meet all course requirements.

Grade:  11 & 12

Prerequisite:  Algebra II or higher level of math             Length:  2 sems, 1 per, .400 credit

3.00 or higher in science                                            Weighted

*All students must successfully complete 3 science credits

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