Homework in math is assigned on the first day of the week and due on the last day of the week.  My deal is that everyone gets an A on the homework as long as they complete it on time and try.  The goal is to learn from mistakes.  If your child needs help, it is ok to help them as long as you are not doing it for them.  If they understand how to do the problem and can complete a similar problem on their own, I am fine with your help.  If they are really struggling, put a note beside the problem so I am aware of it.  I will then be able to address it in class or in a small group.  There will only be one homework grade per 9 weeks.  10 points will be deducted each time an assignment is late or missing.

I will also be asking students to work on facts each night.  This is on the honor system.  The best way to do this is for students to practice with flashcards.  Create two stacks.  One stack for what they know quickly, and another stack for what they struggle with.  The rule of thumb is 4 seconds or less for fluency.  Select 3-5 they are having trouble with and work with those facts for the next few days.  Draw pictures of the answers.  Work on strategies to help them remember.  For example, if 6 x 8 is a difficult one to remember and they know their 5’s very well, start with 5 x 8 which is 40 and add one more set of 8 for an answer of 48.  When they have those facts down, mix them with the known facts and practice all once.  Next select another 3-5 to work on and begin the process again.  10-15 minutes a night should be fine.   There are many sites online for practice and you can even get free apps on your ipods.

Occasionally, we will complete a project or will have some practice homework.  There will also be a test at the end of a unit.  I am trying to make these monthly, but am in the process of reworking my units to align with the new Common Core Standards.  I may make adjustments here and there.  Right now I am shooting for the first test at the end of September.