The most important part of education isn’t preparing students for tests or issuing them a diploma. It is instilling in them the importance of life-long learning and learning for personal improvement. This concept is often lost in the emphasis on testing in today’s educational system. The reality of the current situation is a bureaucracy contributing to the demand of teacher accountability which has led to testing mandates. Nonetheless, life-long learning is no less important. Let’s face it. With the rate of technological advancement these days, schools are training some students for jobs that currently do not exist! With that said, education does not end on graduation day.  To keep up with the ever changing demands of the work place, employees must continue to update skills. Students must be aware that understanding and being an active participant in the learning process will aid them in their future careers. Helping students value learning and foster self-motivation will assist them to be successful long after they have left the classroom.


Obviously your teachers, role models, and/or parents instilled in you the importance of continuing education. If not, it is doubtful that you would be interested in your child’s education or this blog. You also know that many times students are not willing participants in the learning process. Getting them to take ownership of their learning is the first step in the right direction.  Students recognizing they play a role in the learning process help to develop their own metacognition.  When students realize they can achieve a learning goal, they are motivated to continue to improve and grow.  This will not only improve students’ skills but also the student-teacher relationship.