Students love recess time.  I don’t like to take their recess time away, but sometimes it is necessary.  Occasionally, students sign the book too many times so time is taken away as a punishment.  Most of the time, I ask students to stay in so I can give them extra help.  I make sure to let them know that it isn’t because I don’t like them and want to take away the time they have with their friends.  It is because I love them so much I want them to learn something important so they can redo an assignment and get a better grade.  For the most part, students have accepted this.  Recently, the lunch bell rang and the time to work with a small group during recess ended.  As the students left my room, a couple of them thanked me for the extra help I was giving them.  I have to admit that I cried a bit (as I am now recalling the incident).  It meant a lot to me to have that thank you.  To know that my extra effort with students is appreciated helps me get through trying times in my job.