It is important for students to have the mindset that they are a key player in their learning.  I have a couple of signs in my room that state:

  • Don’t make excuses, make improvements.
  • For success, attitude is just as important as ability.

I really believe this.  When students feel in control of their learning they can grow and improve.  I have high expectations for my students, and I work with them to monitor their own behavior and learning.  I encourage them to ask questions.  I provide many opportunities for group work and leadership in the classroom.


I noticed years ago, so many students (and their parents) told me, “I am just no good at math.”  I just don’t believe that.  I believe that ALL students can learn.  Some may learn faster than others, but they can ALL show growth.  I have talked to each student individually or in very small groups to convey my goal for them and the high expectations I have for them during the year.