ODE Releases State Report Card Grades

The Ohio Department of Education recently released report cards for Ohio's School Districts.  The report card is intended to give you a picture of how our district and buildings are performing using letter grades A-F to grade various measures under six broad categories:  Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers and Prepared for Success.  The 2017-2018 State Report Card marks the first year that districts will receive an overall, final grade.

Summary of Report Card Components and Grades:

AchievementGRADE:  C   (Last year’s result C)
Represents whether student performance on state tests met established thresholds and how well students performed on tests overall.  The percentage threshold for each indicator/assessment is 80%.  While the district did not realize an increase in indicators met this year, the performance index increased from last year. 

Gap ClosingGRADE:  B  (Last year’s result F)
Shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for various populations of students in English language arts, math and graduation with the idea that the various populations or groups “close the gap” of an established performance threshold.  The grade of a B marks a significance increase from the previous years in meeting the needs and closing the gap for those populations of students.

Improving At-Risk K-3 ReadersGRADE:  C   (Last year’s result C)
Looks at how successful the school is at getting struggling readers on track to proficiency from year to year in grades K, 1, 2 and 3.  The literacy component only looks at students who are “at-risk” and does not factor in students meeting or exceeding literacy expectations.

ProgressGRADE:  A  (Last year’s result A)
Looks closely at the growth that all students are making based on their past performances.   An “A” indicates that the student population as a whole made more than one year’s growth.  A grade of a C indicates students made 1 year’ growth.  

Graduation RateGRADE:  A (Last year’s result A)
Looks at the percent of students who are successfully finishing high school with a diploma in four or five years.  The district had a 4-year graduation rate of 98% and a 5-year graduation rate of 100%.

Prepared for SuccessGRADE:  D (Last year’s result D)
Whether training in a technical field or preparing for work or college, this component looks at how well prepared students are for future opportunities based on the number of high school students who score “remediation free” on the ACT, number of students receiving an honors diploma and the number of students receiving industry-credentials.  Over half of the 2017 graduating class received dual enrollment credits through the College Credit Plus program. 

GiftedGRADE:  NOT MET (Last year’s result NOT MET)
The gifted component on the grade card includes scores for Gifted Value Added (Growth), Performance Index and Inputs.  The district accumulated 116.97 points of the 117 points necessary to meet the Performance Index requirement.

For the complete district and building-level report cards that includes details and explanations for each graded component, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website at reportcard.education.ohio.gov

The State Report Card also includes other information about Arcanum-Butler Local Schools.  Details about school staff, student enrollment and financial data is available.  Arcanum-Butler ranked 48 out of 273 in a comparison group of schools ranking the percentage of funds used for classroom instruction.  Per pupil the district spent $8,614 compared to the state average of $9356.

The district continues to strive for report card grades that reflect an accurate picture of student achievement and performance at Arcanum-Butler.  Our goal is to see a report card with all A's and B's.  To do so, we need to increase the number of indicators met on the Achievement component and improve both the Prepared for Success and Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers components.  This year we were within a few percentage points of passing an additional 5-6 indicators, which would likely have increased our final grade on the Achievement component.  Through our use of regular classroom assessments, we will continue to identify at-risk students and provide intense interventions for those students to help break the 80% threshold needed to pass all indicators.  The Prepared for Success component is the area in which we have scored the lowest in recent years.  To improve, our focus will be on increasing the number of students who score "remediation free" on the ACT.  High School Principal Jason Stephan and staff have been focusing on improving students’ ability to read and understand complex text as well as increased performance on algebra-related problem-solving skills.  Students' improvement in both areas will positively impact their ability to score well on the ACT and improve our Prepared for Success grade.  To improve the component grade for At-Risk K-3 readers, Elementary Principal Joni Pechie, and our elementary staff, will continue to refine our methods of providing interventions for identified students.  Additionally, the elementary is reviewing reading and language arts resources to better meet our needs. 

As we have done in the past, the Arcanum-Butler Local School district will review the data provided by the report card and analyze it to identify strengths and areas needed for improvement.  While informative, the district recognizes that many of the report card indicators are based on tests given on a specific day during a specific time and may not provide the entire picture of a child’s learning experience nor does it define the district as a whole.  The Arcanum-Butler Local School District is proud of our students and staff for their continued efforts and accomplishments.  The Arcanum-Butler Local Schools staff will continue to seek growth and improvement in providing the best experience for students and preparing students for college and careers.

* There are 43 school districts within the Miami Valley including the counties of Darke, Mercer, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble.  Of the 43 districts, only one received an overall grade of A, eighteen schools scored a B, sixteen scored a C, seven scored a D and one school scored an F.

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