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Kevin Stanley
HS Intervention Specialist/Transportation Supervisor
937-692-5174 x 1256


Transportation Request Form (regular bus rider)

2023-24 Bus Routes - update 8-15-23

*Due to a shortage in substitute bus drivers, routing may be delayed at times during the school year.  If you son/daughter rides a bus, please review the letter.  Letters were also sent home with students.

Busing Procedures

Arcanum-Butler Local Schools provides transportation to and from school for resident students in grades K-12 who live outside of the village limits.  The transportation department has also established group stops in the villages of Ithaca, Gordon, and Castine.  The following procedures are made to ensure the safety of all students and to reduce the possibility of error. 

All students living outside of the Village of Arcanum limits will be assigned to a school bus based on their home address.  With the exception of the group stops in Castine, Ithaca, and Gordon, pick up and drop off will be at the home address, unless there is an approved Transportation Change Request on file.  There will need to be one established pick up and one established drop off address for each child.  This means each day your child will get on the bus at one stop and get dropped off at one stop.  In most cases both stops will be the home address.  Even though the pick up and drop off must be the same every day of the week, they may be different from each other.  (Example:  You can request your child be picked up at home, but dropped off at the babysitter.)  Parents will not be permitted to provide the driver with an inconsistent work schedule and request that their child get picked up and dropped off at different locations depending on that day of the week.  Schedules must be consistent every day, allowing no daily changes.   

Parents that have shared parenting, with documentation on file, will be permitted to have their child picked up and dropped off at both addresses as long as both addresses are in the Arcanum-Butler School District.  (Example:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday at mom’s house and Tuesday/Thursday at dad’s house.)    

Please make sure that you have provided us with accurate information regarding your child’s transportation needs.  If you have any questions, please call the transportation office at 692-5174 x 1256.

Students must be picked up/dropped off at a valid address with a valid house number, door to door pick up within the district boundaries.

Complete a Transportation Change Request Form when requesting an alternate pick up/drop off location other than the assigned home bus stop.  Parents may request a separate am and pm drop off location

A new request for the school year should be turned in by August 1 preceding the new school year to allow the transportation and drivers time to prepare bus routes.

If a change is made during the school year, a new Transportation Change Request must be submitted and approved before the child is permitted to ride another bus. 

Requests are contingent upon the availability of space on the affected bus.  New requests may take up to five (5) days to complete.

Bus Pass Requests

Requests for non-regular bus service are discouraged and should only be made if no other form of transportation can be obtained.  Examples include:  daycare/babysitter, parent out of town

Such requests are subject to available seating and require a minimum of 48-hour notice (excluding weekends and days when school is not in session).

Requests must be made in writing and made directly to the appropriate building office (principal or building secretary) and must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.  The request should include:

o   Rider’s first and last name

o   Date

o   Reason for request

o   Parent contact information and signature

o   Drop-off address or name of student your child is riding home with

Bus passes will not be granted for non-emergency situations including the following purposes

                           o   Play dates, sleepovers, parties, etc…

Middle/High School Students are not permitted to ride elementary buses for the following purposes:

o   “Missed” the regular bus

o   Following the serving of a detention or other disciplinary actions

o   After-school tutoring, clubs, extra-curricular activities

o   After-school elementary aide

Requests by phone for a transportation change for non-regular service (daily bus pass) will only be considered for emergency situations and will be approved at the school’s discretion.  Such approval is subject to available seating.  Phone calls must be from the parent or legal guardian requesting emergency bus service and the nature of the emergency.  Emergency situations require approval of the building principal or transportation director.  Example emergency situations may include:

o   Sudden health emergency

o   Accident

Requests by phone will be denied for non-emergency daily bus service.

Students will be permitted to get on the bus at any established stop, if needed, for two-hour delays.  This does not need to be cleared through the principal or transportation department.


Please Note:  Bus Driver phones are for emergency use only.  Bus drivers are not permitted to use phones in route.  Drivers should not be contacted by phone or text at any time. 

*Transportation Board approved policies are available by visiting the Board of Education page on the website and searching under the Board Policy tab.