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Trojan Gear Sale to Benefit the Alumni Association
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Pay it Forward Scholarship Logo

The Arcanum Alumni Association Advisory Committee is pleased to announce a new additional
scholarship for the graduating seniors of the AHS Class of 2023 and beyond to be called the Pay
It Forward Scholarship. Because of the success of our alumni database, the committee has
decided that instead of five $1000 scholarships this year to be presented at the annual event in
April 2023, they will also honor one additional senior with a new scholarship aptly named the
Pay It Forward scholarship. Donations are currently being sought from the alumni database for
the funds to set up this scholarship.
Since 1966, the Arcanum Alumni Association has provided scholarships and student support
worth over $162,000 to 175 promising AHS graduates who demonstrated financial need,
academic promise and community involvement. The 2022 scholarship $1000 recipients were
Daniel Albright, Ellie Fout, Ryan Martin, Isabella O’Daniel, and Ezekiel Wright. The Ted
Murphy Memorial scholarship went to Katherine Kaufmann. Can we count on you for your
support? Will you Pay It Forward to another fellow AHS graduate who is seeking to further
their education?
When you donate, funding for scholarship programs allows hardworking and deserving students
to manage their costs while continuing their education in a high-quality setting. Not only are you
investing in the students when you donate to your alma mater, but you also create a legacy for
the generations to come. We will honor all donors at the annual event next spring in our
program and on the new Facebook group page, Arcanum Alumni Association. Please note that
we have established the following giving levels: General donor ($1-$49), Active donor ($50-
$99), Bronze donor ($100-$249), Silver donor ($250-$499), Gold donor $500-$999) and Trojan
donor ($1000 and up).
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach
out to Chairperson, Vickie Rhodehamel at or 937/423-3763. 

Arcanum Alumni Mission Statement

The Arcanum Alumni Association engages alumni in supporting each other, our alma mater
Arcanum High School, and the community. We will provide exceptional value and ongoing
support to our alumni by offering a sense of belonging, community, connection, and what we
proudly know to be Trojan Pride. It will be our annual goal to hold an alumni gathering and
provide 5 scholarships to members of the senior class at graduation.

Arcanum Alumni Banquet Event 2023

The Arcanum Alumni Association cordially invites all alumni to the 2023 Arcanum Alumni Banquet to come enjoy a good meal and the fellowship of classmates and friends in a relaxed, casual atmosphere on April 15, 2023, no suits, ties or high heels necessary. Hosted by the Arcanum Alumni Advisory Committee and the AHS Class of 1998, classmates are invited to come early and take a tour of the new school.  Honored classes are 75th year – class of 1948; 50th year – class of 1973; 25th year – class of 1998; and the current senior class of 2023.  Come and have a great time and remember as a member of the alumni at good ole’ AHS – we are always “Loyal and True”.

To date, the Arcanum, Alumni Scholarship fund has provided scholarships and student support worth over $162,000 to 175 promising AHS graduates who demonstrated financial need, academic promise, and community involvement since 1966.  The 2022 scholarship recipients were Daniel Albright, Ellie Fout, Ryan Martin, Isabella O’Daniel, and Ezekiel Wright.  Winner of the Ted Murphy Scholarship was Katherine Kauffman.

Again, this year, the group plans to honor five seniors with a $1,000 scholarship, and administer the $1000 Ted Murphy Scholarship as well.  A new scholarship will also be added this year, the Pay It Forward Scholarship.  The Arcanum Alumni asks that you consider sending a donation to the Scholarship Fund to further the education of our current senior class.  The scholarships are funded by local businesses and the alumni base.   For any questions, please feel free to reach out to Chairperson, Vickie Rhodehamel at or 937/423-3763.

Again, this year A Distinguished Alumni and an Honorary Trojan will be inducted into the Trojan Hall of Fame at the April Alumni Banquet.  Nominations for this award are accepted year-round.  The deadline for each year is February 1st.  Applications can be found under the Alumni page, under Alumni News on the school’s website at Applications received after the 1st of February will be considered for the following year.  Applications can be sent to Arcanum-Butler Schools, Board of Education Office, 2011 Trojan Avenue, Arcanum, Ohio 45304. 

Arcanum Alumni Association Advisory Committee Board


Name Grad year Position            
Bryson, Bruce 73 Member at large            
Cline, Tammy 73 Member at large            
Garrison, Barb 64 Recording Secretary            
Gray, Cheryl 68 Scholarship Committee Lead            
Lightner, Brenda 68 Corresponding Secretary            
Rhodehamel, Vickie 75 Chairperson 6844 Delisle-Fourman Rd. Arcanum OH 45304 937-423-3763
Snyder, Linda 80 Member at large            
Stephens, John 94 Superintendent            
Sullivan, Heather 98 Member at large            
Swabb, Denise 71 Treasurer/Reservation Secretary            
Troutwine, Kurt 73 Member at large            
Urlage, Jane 73 Member at large